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My name is Catherine Skinner. I grew up in a steel town called Hamilton in Southern Ontario, Canada where I felt like I was a fish out of water every single day. Four-eyed and precocious, I found it hard to relate to kids my age, and so I turned to books for comfort, dreaming of becoming an author. At the painfully awkward age of thirteen, against the backdrop of Madonna breaking on to the music scene, a summer in enrichment camp taught me that wearing a tube top and micro jean skirt and prancing about on stage led to boys asking you to moonlight skate with them at the roller rink. A star was born, and I gave up my love of writing and took to the stage in the hopes that it would make me feel more normal.
It didn’t work.

Six years ago I was newly single and thirty-something, working in a lack-lustre job as an arts marketer, sharing custody of my beloved dog Arthur,  and completely unsure of where I was headed or what I was doing with my life. I’d long since given up on making a career out of acting, and besides regular journal entries, hadn’t seriously contemplated writing since I was twelve. What else was there to do but run away to Paris and max out my credit cards, hoping to fulfill a lifelong dream? I started this blog from that crazy place of impulsiveness and wildly romantic notions about life, mostly to be able to reassure my dear mother that I hadn’t ended up in a gutter in the City of Lights. I’m less impulsive now, I’ve made peace with the idea that normal is overrated, and I’ve still got a few notions swimming around this head of mine.

Since I began to write this blog, I’ve realized a few more dreams – I found love, in the most unexpected of places with my two (yes, that’s right, two) amazing partners, I was blessed with two incredible stepdaughters who made me take a close look at the kind of woman and mother I wanted to be, I made a part-time career out of running a very sexy theatre company that I co-founded called Les Coquettes Cabaret, where I get to act as Madame and Mistress of Ceremonies to a collective of showgirls and beefcakes, I gave birth to my son in 2012, and I’m experiencing motherhood with all of my children at a deeper level. My life is equal parts glamorous stage time and delightfully barf-stained reality. I always wanted to be the kind of mom who could mix a mean martini while baking cookies and wiping runny noses. My life is the reality I’ve created for myself, and it’s an extraordinary life.

Here is where I continue to dream. This blog is where I reflect, take stock, rant, rave, and share the collective experience of my crazy and wonderful brood. Under the false lashes and sequins is a gal who is devoted to her family, her children, and the experience of drinking up each delicious drop of life.  I hope these posts will touch you, resonate with you, make you laugh out loud, and I hope you’ll visit often, sharing some of your own dreams and discoveries whenever you’re inspired.

Kisses on your nose,

Playboy Mommy

A very special thank you to Jesse Milns for the awesome portraits you can see on my landing page, and to the beautiful and ever-graceful Mama S, Sarah Jamal, for capturing our family so beautifully.


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