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  • When Your To-Do List Is Doing You In

When Your To-Do List Is Doing You In

I am an unfocused mess. Riding out this cold hasn’t been too bad, thankfully, and I’m grateful to the legions of you who sent me awesome immune boosting advice. Today’s problem lies with work. I feel dwarfed by the size of my to-do list. It’s towering over me and […]

  • Listen to Your Body

Listen to Your Body

  • April 15th, 2015

I’m in the eye of yet another cold, and I’ve been sick so many times this season, I’m starting to worry about larger issues. Have I mentioned that I’m a bit of a worrier when it comes to my health? We eat well – generally low carb, no processed […]

  • How Being Fluid Got Me Off My Ass

How Being Fluid Got Me Off My Ass

Happy Monday Lovers!

Today I want to chat about how being fluid got me off my ass this weekend.

It’s time for another true confession. I’m a control freak. This is one of the big issues I try to recognize and move through every single day. There was a time when […]

  • Design Your Happy Day

Design Your Happy Day

I don’t know about you, but after pouring my guts out yesterday, I immediately started to feel better. This morning I woke after a decent sleep, and I felt really inspired. I also felt determined to discover as much happiness as I could today. It occurred to me that […]

  • There’s A Whole In The Bucket

There’s A Whole In The Bucket

I have to confess something to all of you. I am a fraud. I’ve been writing about my life here for years now, and a few of you have taken time to let me know that you have been inspired, that you find my writing hopeful and positive. Guess […]

  • Shop in My Sexy Closet

Shop in My Sexy Closet

Hey lovers,

I’ve started listing what’s left of our costume hoard from the glory days of my cabaret burlesque troupe Les Coquettes. I’m feeling a bit crappola again today, so I’m not going to write a very big post. I did want to share some of the items I have […]

  • Awesome Stuff by Awesome Women

Awesome Stuff by Awesome Women

  • April 7th, 2015

Photo of Nichelle Laus by
Happy Tuesday lovers!

I’m feeling much better today, but I decided to stay home and work all the same. Of course, that meant I had to bulldoze my way to my tiny desk in my cluttered bedroom. I look forward to the not-so-distant future and […]

  • Live From the Sick Bed

Live From the Sick Bed

This evening I’m coming at you live from the sick-bed. I’ve had a recurring, ridiculously painful sore throat for nearly a month now, and yesterday it felt like I was swallowing knives, so finally I gave up and dragged my sorry ass to the walk in clinic for a […]

  • Sex and the Single Parent, And ME!

Sex and the Single Parent, And ME!

  • April 3rd, 2015

When I was in my second year of college, studying theatre, I had a rock-star-level crush on this girl named Melissa Story who was in first year. Or maybe I was in third year, and she was in second year. It was theatre school, I partied a lot and […]

  • Magical Pest Control

Magical Pest Control

Image Credit – ‘Demons In My Head’ by MissFried on Deviant Art
I was winding my way slowly through the still unfamiliar York campus the other day, extra alert for student pedestrians and enthusiastic protestors, when I found myself behind a white utility truck with a very unusual sign. Across […]

  • How Will You Be Reborn?

How Will You Be Reborn?

Those Muslims are really on to something. They celebrate their New Year with Navroz, which falls right around the Spring Equinox, a time of year that I find rejuvenating and inspiring. Forget the dead of winter, when any resolution you may make will be cast aside in favor of […]

  • Need Hope? Take a Walk

Need Hope? Take a Walk

  • March 17th, 2015

Something amazing happened yesterday. I didn’t feel that cloud that has been hanging over me for the last year. It was there, a little, in the morning but by the afternoon it was gone. I’ve got a few ideas about why this happened, and I’ll get into that later […]